Linsen Pastete (200g)

Product Info

A creamy and umami flavoured paste which works perfectly as a spread for bread or crackers. Deep, savoury and earthy flavours await you!
  • Product Type:

    Dips & Spreads

  • Ingredients:

    Coconut fat, raw lentils, Kidney beans, Tomato, Apple cider vinegar, Mushrooms, Spices, Smoke aroma, Maltodextrin (Carbohydrate), Sugar Beets, Salt, Nutritional yeast, Beet roots powder

  • Nutritional Information:

    Per 100g

    Fat 5.4g
    of which saturates 3.9g
    Carbohydrates 12g
    of which sugars 2.4g
    Protein 6.3g
    Salt 1.5g

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