N-Obatzda (200g)


Our purely plant-based Obatzda! N-O dairy yet still an aromatic, punchy and creamy classic that is sure to become the headliner at your next brunch or dinner party! Pick up those Pretzels and dip away!
  • Produkttyp:

    Dips & Spreads

  • Ingredients:

    Cashews, Water, Mushrooms, Paprika, Aubergine, Sunflowerseed oil, Sugar, Distilled vinegar, Peperoni
    Spices, Coconut oil, Nutritional Yeast, Garlic, Red food colouring, Mustard

  • Nutritional Information:

    Fat - 19g
    of which saturates - 5.9g
    Carbohydrates - 7.7g
    of which sugars - 1.7g
    Protein - 7.8g
    Salt - 0.9g

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