How long will my order take?

Usually, the preparation is started immediately after your order is accepted. You will receive a message that this process has been started. If the order is on its way to you, you will be informed once again. Depending on the traffic situation, you will then have your food in your hands very soon.


Are Good n’ Vegan environmentally friendly?

Sustainability is a particularly important issue for us. We want the packaging to be climate-neutral. That’s why we relied on a supplier who can provide us with such packaging. But we are going one step further. In the near future, we will also be using recyclable packaging. Together with the big supplier of VYTAL we have already made big plans how you can get your recyclable packaging without any deposit.


What if I don’t like my food?

Of course, that makes us sad. But we can understand if the tastes are not always the same. We would be happy if you can send us a little feedback to our mail. Because only in this way can we ensure that our vegan food pleases as many people as possible.


What time do you open and close?

Our Cafe and Deli Bar are open Monday - Friday between 09:00am - 15:00pm and our Delivery Line (Takeaway Menu) is available between 12:00pm-20:30 pm. 


Is everything you make Vegan?

At GOOD n’ Vegan, as the name promises, everything is vegan. We are very proud of that. Already during the development of the concept, it was clear to us very early on that we are on a very good path in terms of the zeitgeist. 


Why don’t you deliver to my area?

We are terribly sorry that you are outside our delivery area. For this situation, we can offer you our pick-up service. You order as usual via the Wolt app and you will need notified of when your food is ready. At the specified time, you are welcome to come by and pick up your food.